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3 Best Travel Podcasts to Subscribe

3 Best Travel Podcasts to Subscribe
Every week we interview a couple who is living, or is striving to live, the digital nomad lifestyle. Tune in to our Travel Couple Podcast weekly to get advice from the best!

We launched our Travel Couple Podcast! This podcast deals with three themes: Travel, Relationships, and Business. All of which combine to creating a travel lifestyle with your significant other by making money while on the road.

The road to starting a podcast began by listening to them and gaining inspiration. I’m sure this is very much like the road to starting anything. Inspiration is drawn from other sources in the same space, and eventually you are ready to join in. The launch of our podcast is quite an achievement for ourselves, much like it was when we launched our blog.

In celebration, we thought we would list a few podcasts that we feel you should subscribe to in order to start a travel lifestyle. These are podcasts that we have subscribed to and feel have helped us along our journey to starting a travel lifestyle in some way shape or form.

3 Travel Podcasts You Should Subscribe to Start a Travel Lifestyle

Below are three podcasts we listen to each week or, in one case, sometimes even daily. They provide valuable and actionable content. Valuable is a given for any podcast you need to listen to. However, not every valuable podcast has actionable content. Actionable is the best valuable content because it provides you with something you can apply to your life, relationship, or business. This is what we strive for on our podcast, and these three podcasts below helped us recognize this along the way.


The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary Vee, though foul-mouthed, provides some incredible content on a daily basis with this podcast. He grew up in his father’s wine business and helped grow it through YouTube videos. Since then, he has worked to grow his own media agency dealing largely with digital channels to advertise for his clients. In this digital age, there is no better way to promote your own business. People are on their phones more than ever. Social media has become such a mainstay of our lives, that Gary Vee uses that attention to his advantage.

Often times these podcast episodes are short speeches to get you motivated in doing something and taking action with your life or interviews with other up and coming or already established celebrities on how they can use social media to their advantage. However, the most valuable episodes are the question and answer sessions at his speaking events.

This is where the true value lies, and Gary Vee knows it. He is paid big bucks to do speaking events, and he goes up to the stage, provides a quick introduction, and then goes right into the question and answer. Why? Because that is how he can serve. And often times, people have the same struggles in their business. If he is able to solve one persons problem and speak with them one-on-one, he knows many people will be able to pick up on that just as well.

Get motivated and get advice from this podcast each and every day!

And if you have not yet got your copy, I definitely recommend you check out his newest book Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too. This goes through each social media platform that is relevant today and how you can quite literally crush it on each one!

Marketing Related

Social Media Marketing

Continuing on from the social media side, Michael Stelzner releases a weekly interview on a particular social media and how you can use it to benefit your business. The interviews will focus on changes or ways to optimize your social media account to attract the most followers or reach. This is extremely valuable for listeners, as the world of social media is constantly changing.

If you are struggling with getting some traction to your channels or want to know how to gain the most exposure to your post, Michael Stelzner will help you along the way. He is an excellent interviewer and is full of knowledge on this topic. Not only is he great, but his guests are just as good!

There are always valuable tips on each episode and they provide tactics you can implement right away to your social media accounts. You can also pick and choose which episode you want to listen according to what social media channels you are focusing on. However, I suggest you always listen to each episode as there is still advice that can be applied throughout each interview, excellent stories, and even an introduction that includes an online tool that will help in various ways.

Passive Income Related

Smart Passive Income

Ah yes, passive income. What everyone wanting to live a travel lifestyle strives for. And why shouldn’t you? Making money while traveling the world, and you can just focus on your travels while the money rolls in. Well, it is not that easy. But Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income provides so much value on the subject. From affiliate marketing to creating your own online course, his podcast is full of awesome tips, trick, and ideas to get the ball rolling.

Sometimes he conducts an interview or he will speak on the topic himself, but there is always value and actionable content in each episode. If passive income is the route you want to explore, especially if you are starting a blog or other creative avenue, then this is a podcast you will want to tune in on each week.

If you have not yet already checked it out, read his book Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money. It goes through the process of validating your business plan and can be applied to many different creative ideas that you have.


These podcasts have really helped us grow as travel bloggers and, now, travel podcasters! We are super excited for what is in store for us as we travel down this route with the Travel Couple Podcast. It is definitely worth it to subscribe to these three podcasts listed above. However, we also would like to throw our podcast in to this mix!

Travel Couple Podcast

Learn From Other Digital Nomad Couples
Every week we interview a couple who is living, or is striving to live, the digital nomad lifestyle. Tune in to our Travel Couple Podcast weekly to get advice from the best!

The Travel Couple Podcast is meant to inspire couples to make travel a lifestyle! We interview travel couples around the world who are striving to do the same by starting their own business, running a travel blog, creating videos, and so many other ways. Discussed in the interview is a general discussion about travel, a talk about relationships and travel, and how they are working to make travel a lifestyle.


Have a comment or something to add to this article? Leave a comment below or send us a response by contacting us.


Happy travels!

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