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Best Travel Shoes: Men and Womens

Best Travel Shoes: Men and Womens

When you are traveling, you want to have the fewest amount of items in your luggage or backpack. There is only so much that you can throw over your back and only a limited amount of space within your carry-on or checked baggage. Making the most of that space is something that experienced travelers have learned to perfect.

You can practice different ways to pack your bags or even just packing less by eliminating the things that you do not need. Or, you can pack items that are multi-purpose and are going to be the most valuable when you are traveling.

When it comes to the best travel shoes, one such brand comes to mind. Vessi Footwear has created the first waterproof knit shoe that is lightweight and the perfect shoe to take on your travels. They will keep your feet warm and dry in various climates and weather conditions, not weigh down your backpack, stay dry so you do not need to pack more than one pair of shoes for your trip, and will keep you comfortable and stylish while on the road.


Best Travel Shoes Men and Womens

Vessi Footwear
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Best Travel Shoes for Men and Women

Finding the perfect travel shoe is difficult. There are so many factors that need to be considered and there just does not seem to be that shoe that checks all of the boxes.

You want your shoe to be breathable because you are on your feet all day when you are traveling and you do not want your shoes to be soaked at the end of the day from your sweat. Yes, I sweat a lot when I am traveling. Or just in general. Having a breathable shoe is extremely important to me. Vessi’s shoes allow my feet to breath and let my body heat out.

At the same time, the material keeps water from penetrating through to my sock. This waterproof shoe keeps my feet from getting wet and inevitably cold. It is never fun to be walking around in the rain and coming back to where you are staying to have a soaked pair of socks and a drenched pair of shoes that you may need the next day. The material also makes them extremely easy to clean.

They are lightweight and extremely flexible which allows for the perfect fit and a comfortable shoe. It also makes it easy to travel with, easily fitting into your backpack or eliminating the need of having an extra pair of shoes all-together.

Whether you are looking for the best men’s travel shoes or the best women’s travel shoes, Vessi has a style and color to match your preference. With a slip-on and a couple of sneakers available in their lineup, their styles are sleek with timeless colors to choose from.

The cushion of the shoes are comfortable, lightweight, and antibacterial to keep things fresh. Everything about this makes this the best men’s walking shoes for travel or the best women’s walking shoes for travel. Whichever you are shopping for and whether you are walking or running through the streets during your travels, Vessi Footwear has your feet covered.


Vessi Footwear Review

Vessi Footwear was started by Tony Yu, Mikaella Go, and Andy Wang with a Kickstarter campaign back in November 2017. This Kickstarter was extremely successful, since bringing in more than 7,500 backers raising more than $1,000,000 of their $20,000 goal.

It is evident that this shoe addressed a major issue that people were willing to put their money behind to back. There are so many applications for this shoe, especially for travelers. There is no doubt in my mind that this is our shoe for many travels to come.

The shoe is made of a membrane created by Vessi called Flash Knit that is made of millions of pores. These pores are small enough to block water entering the shoe and large enough that body heat from within the shoe is able to escape making it a breathable shoe. This material also makes it extremely easy to clean. It is a stretchy knitted material which makes it easy for these shoes to slip on and slip off when needed.

With so many positive reviews on this shoe, there is no doubt that they are here to stay with worldwide appeal from climates that are wet to climates that experience harsh winters. Walking through the slushy streets while your feet stay dry and warm will never be a dream in the winter.

Best Travel Shoes Men and Womens

Let’s dive into what makes these shoes the perfect travel shoe for you.

  • Best Travel Running Shoes

  • Is running your forte? It is not mine. However, going for a run during your trip usually requires you to have an extra pair of shoes with you or using those same sweaty shoes from your run for your traveling during the day. This is not always the worst thing if it is something you need to do. But it is something you would probably prefer to avoid.

    Vessi Footwear provides the best travel running shoes, while also providing the best walking shoes as well. Their comfortable shoes are perfect for going for a run, but the material that they are made of also makes them breathable so you will not have the same worries of making your shoes soaked from your sweat. Nor will you be worried about soaking your feet if you are running in the rain at any point.

    They provide the best of both worlds all in one shoe which makes them the best travel running shoes for you to take on your next trip.

    Best Travel Shoes Men and Womens

  • Best Shoes for Backpacking

  • Backpacking is an amazing way to see the world. Packing a bag that can be carried on to any plane and moving from destination to destination is incredibly freeing. Except that everything needs to fit into that backpack. With such limited space, you want to make the most of it. You also do not want to break your back carrying a massive backpack around the world.

    When looking for the best shoes for backpacking, you need to consider a two major things with your shoes:

    1. Purpose
    2. Why pack something you do not need? This should be your first question when packing your bags. Do you really need this for your backpacking trip? How many pairs of shoes do you really need? Can you get away with just one?

      If you were to only pack one shoe, then Vessi Footwear’s shoe is the perfect shoe for you to pack. With all of its benefits that we have discussed from being waterproof to being lightweight, it is the best backpacking shoe for you to pack.

    3. Weight
    4. Sure, you can pick up a shoe and think that it does not really matter how much it weighs. But when you are packing your backpack, you will quickly realize how adding a little bit of weight here and there and compromising on the weight will quickly add up and eventually lead to a bag that will weight more than you! Not really that heavy, but I am sure you understand what I am getting at.

      You want a lightweight shoe to pack, while wearing your heavier shoes so that you do not have to add those to your bag. Those heavier shoes will likely be your hiking shoes. The shoes in your bag you want to be your comfortable walking shoes that weight little to nothing. This is why Vessi Footwear’s shoes are the perfect shoe for you to pack in your bag because of how lightweight and comfortable they are.

    With these shoes meeting and surpassing both of these requirements when looking for a shoe, they are the best backpacking shoe for you to pack for your next trip. Possibly the only shoe you will need to pack for your trip.

    Vessi Footwear
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  • Best Lightweight Travel Shoes

  • Lightweight is important when traveling. You only have a finite amount of space to fit the things you want to travel with. You also only have so much weight that you can carry by yourself. Not that you want to max that out as well. Just because you can carry a certain amount of weight does not mean that it is comfortable to do so and that you will want to do that when traveling in a place you have never been before.

    Vessi Footwear’s shoes are the best lightweight travel shoes and as a result the most comfortable travel shoes thanks to the material used to create them and the design of the shoe. The material is extremely lightweight and the entire top part of the shoe is made in one piece which reduces any additional weight that would be added to the shoe.

    Along with the lightweight of the sole to go along with the complete package of the shoe, this creates the perfect lightweight experience that also contributes to how comfortable these shoes are. No matter your travel style, you want to be comfortable in your shoes. Having large clunky shoes on your feet do not make for an enjoyable walking experience. Having lightweight shoes that make you feel like you are walking on clouds makes for the most comfortable walking shoes for travel available.

    Best Travel Shoes Men and Womens

  • Best Waterproof Shoes for Travel

  • Having a waterproof shoe for traveling is extremely important to us. It will rain when you are traveling. Wherever you are and at any time. This is why it is nice to have a shoe that will protect you from this. Vessi Footwear shoes are the best waterproof shoes for travel. Period.

    The upper portion of the shoe is created as one piece which makes no seams to allow water to sneak through. This makes the shoe a completely waterproof unit until the ankle.

    The material that the shoe is made of is not treated with anything to make it waterproof. Some shoes claim to be water repellent or this can be added on to the shoe, but this is an added treatment to the material that makes the shoes less breathable, only makes the shoe “water repellent” and not waterproof, and needs to be reapplied after some time.

    Vessi Footwear has created a material that is waterproof. With millions of pores in the material, they are too small to allow water to seep into the shoe keeping your feet from getting wet whenever you introduce the shoe into water. The material is also breathable, allowing moisture from within the shoe created by your body heat to escape.
    Seems too good to be true, but it works like a charm.

  • Best All Weather Shoes for Travel

  • No matter what the weather is where you are traveling to, you want to know that your shoes have you covered. Literally. If you are looking for winter travel shoes, then these are the best shoes to keep your feet both dry and warm. The material, as discussed, keeps your feet from getting wet. Because they keep your feet dry, they also keep your feet from freezing.

    We have all been there in the winter time and stepping in a puddle of slush that immediately soaks your foot and now you are stuck with a wet foot that will begin to freeze in the winter cold. Now, this will no longer happen to you. In addition, even if you do not step in that puddle of slush, these shoes keep your feet extremely warm regardless of how dry or wet your feet are.

    Since the material is extremely breathable, you are also keeping your feet from over-sweating in the heat of the summer. From summer to winter, you have the best shoe on your feet. They are the best all weather shoes available for your travels.



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Vessi Footwear is our travel shoe of choice. It is difficult finding the perfect shoe that has everything that we are looking for. Vessi Footwear created a shoe that checks all of the boxes. Everything we needed for traveling.

From being lightweight to creating a breathable material that also repels water, it seems as though they have accomplished the impossible. Especially since this waterproof material is not treated, but the characteristics of the material itself.

Not only this, but also as travelers you are likely looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint. At Vessi Footwear, they are working hard to reduce their impact on their environment, including working to reduce their production knitting time from 45 minutes down to just 7 minutes per shoe.

If you are looking for the best travel shoe, look no further. We think you have found your choice.


If you own a pair of Vessi Footwear, we would love to hear what you think. Alternatively, if you are thinking of purchasing a pair or enjoy a different shoe for traveling, leave a comment below!

Best Travel Shoes Men and Womens


  1. Thanks for sharing information about Vessi Footwear. Sounds like a great pair of shoes for travelling. I love the Merrell Barrado’s because they are also lightweight. The Merrell Barrado Luxe are the waterproof version.

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