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How to Make a Travel Blog from Scratch: From Naming to Monetizing

By the end of this post, you will have the necessary information needed to create your travel blog and begin writing content that will attract visitors to your blog. The focus of this course will be on setting up your blog, developing it (specifically on WordPress, but many of the topics from this course can be applied to other platforms), creating content, and driving traffic.

This course covers the steps to start your blog before you have even invested any time into it until you are ready to monetize your blog. If you wish to become more involved and continue learning how to make your blog better, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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How to Make a Travel Blog From Scratch From Naming to Monetizing


Unit 1 Introduction Blog
Lesson 1: Why Blogging?
Unit 2 Setting Up
Lesson 1: Creating Your Name
Lesson 2: Choosing Your Host and Platform
Lesson 3: Setting Up Your Blog
Unit 3 Writing a Post
Lesson 1: Writing Content
Lesson 2: After You Write
Unit 4 Beyond Your Blog
Lesson 1: Blogging Resources
Lesson 2: SEO
Lesson 3: Social Media
Lesson 4: Advertising
Lesson 5: Monetizing
Unit 5 What Next
Lesson 1: Continuing with Your Blog


Let’s Get Started!

Unit 1 Introduction Blog
Lesson 1: Why Blogging?


Lesson 1: Why Travel Blogging?

Let us start by having a brief discussion. This will get us thinking about the reasons we are entering this journey into the world of travel blogging. It is a difficult one, but we are going to make it as easy as possible for you. It wont make you a millionaire, but we are going to help you get on your way to monetizing your blog when you are prepared for that step. It requires lots and lots of consistent work, and we are going to show you how to do that. First, let us begin with a question…

Why Start a Travel Blog?

Traveling is extremely fulfilling, as is blogging. But why should you do both? Why not stick to your travels and hold onto those memories? Well, you need to ask yourself why. That is the first step. This answer is important. It will keep you going when you feel discouraged. For us, the answer is simple.

We love to travel, as we are sure you do to, so we travel. It is as simple as that, but let us get more complex with that answer. Why do you love to travel? For us, we want the memories and excitement of engaging in another culture and experiencing what it is like to live that is contrary to our own lives. This is what drives us to travel.

We also love photography, so naturally we travel with lots of equipment. What am I to do with all of these photos and memories I have created? Hold on to them for myself? NO! I want to share these experiences with my family, friends, and anyone else who is interested. I want to share my travel knowledge with those willing to learn. I want to help travelers get the information necessary to make their trip a wonderful experience.

This is why we created To the Nations Worldwide. It is up to you to ask yourself, why do you want to create a travel blog? If your answer is something other than, “I want to make lots of money,” then you are in the right place. Once you have that answer, write it down. Never lose sight of that answer throughout your journey. That should be your goal to accomplish and drive to never quit. Travel blogging is not easy, so having something to keep you motivated will always help.

Now that you know why you want to start a travel blog, you must answer why you love to travel. Brainstorm a few ideas and let us continue this journey together!

What Type of Travel Interests You?

Why do you travel?

  • History
  • Culture
  • Adventure
  • Experience
  • Vacation

I believe everything we love about travel falls somewhere within these five broad categories. Maybe you are interested in every one of these when you travel. That is okay, but for the sake of creating our travel blog I urge you to choose one of these categories. It is important if you want to grow a community of readers that you choose a niche market.

What Should I Blog About

A niche is a subset of the market. For example, traveling is a large market. Too large to create a travel blog about. Even a topic like food is a large market to cover. However, if you create a travel blog about food in a certain country, you now have created a travel blog in a niche market and you can become the expert within that niche. This is how we are going to create our travel blog.

What Niche Will You Fill?

Now that you have chosen one of those five broad categories, let us get more specific for the purpose of choosing a niche market for our travel blog.

  1. History
    • Is there a particular area of the world you are interested in blogging about?
    • Is there a particular time period that your are interested in blogging about?
  2. Culture
    • Culture is a very broad term. Which part of culture do you want to focus on? Food? Religion? Art?
    • Is there a specific area you want to focus on?
  3. Adventure
    • What type of adventure traveling do you want to focus on? Hiking? Paragliding? Any others?
    • Are there any specific areas in the world you want to focus on?
  4. Experience
    • Are you traveling for the experiences? What are the experiences you want to incorporate into your blog? Teaching English abroad? House sitting?
  5. Vacation
    • Are you a vacationer? Do you want to stay at the most luxurious resorts? Or maybe you want to find the cheapest deals and pass them on to your readers?

These are just a list of ideas that you can start to think about when creating your travel blog. Begin brainstorming from these questions and choose a niche that you think you could begin blogging about. Make sure it is one that is not already exhausted on the internet. Do a quick search to see what you can find on that topic. Also, make sure that you are not going to get exhausted writing about it constantly. It should have a healthy balance of the two. You do not want to be six months into a blog you have worked so hard on and realize that you do not enjoy it anymore.

Alternatively, you do not necessarily have to follow our advice on creating a blog in a niche market. You can just begin getting your travels out there in whatever format you want. The choice is yours. After all, it is your travel blog. Once you have chosen your idea, it is time for the next step into our journey.




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