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How to Plan a Vacation: Save Time and Money

By the end of this post, you will have the necessary information needed to thoroughly understand how to plan a vacation while saving time and money. Often times the process of booking, planning, and packing for your own vacation can become overwhelming and daunting, quickly turning people off the idea of getting away. There are too many things to book, consider, research, and so on. The price just continues to sky rocket, and you have not even reached your destination.

However, we are here to make planning your vacation a much more enjoyable experience by breaking it down into different steps and adding a personal touch to the process and helping you save time and money.

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How to Plan a Vacation: Save Time and Money

Unit 1 Introduction
Lesson 1: Why Travel?
Unit 2 How to Properly Plan a Trip
Lesson 1: Choosing the Right Destination
Lesson 2: Bookings
Lesson 3: Research and Creating an Itinerary
Lesson 4: Tips, Tricks, and Things to Remember
Unit 3 Where to Go From Here
Lesson 1: Photography, Videography, and Blogging


Let’s Get Started!

Unit 1 Introduction
Lesson 1: Why Travel?


Lesson 1: Why Travel?

Why Do You Want to Travel?

Traveling is not for everyone. Some people are willing to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, while others want what they are already comfortable with in life. I strongly believe that traveling is the most rewarding activity in life that you can do by yourself or with a group of people. Not only does it provide you with numerous memories and experiences, it also helps you build strong skills that can be applied throughout your life.

Traveling is challenging, and it should be. You should expect to be uncomfortable at times during your journey. What matters during your journey is what you do with the opportunities and the mindset your carry with you throughout your trip. Make sure you are flexible and open-minded, and your trip will be wonderful. However, traveling does not have to mean flying to another country and enduring the hardships that follow. It could also mean flying to a resort and enjoying the luxuries of life. Relaxing at an all inclusive resort and pampering yourself is a great way to escape sometimes. Traveling can also be as easy as seeing a new area in your own city or neighboring cities.

The main question that one must ask is: Why travel? There must be a reason why you are leaving your comfortable surroundings. Maybe you are taking a vacation from your job, or you want to make the life of travel your new lifestyle. Either way, there are deeper reasons why someone travels that we must explore in this section. This will help us narrow down your choice of destinations and items to add to your itinerary later in this post.

Why Travel?

  • History
  • History and travel go hand-and-hand so well. Like me, some people have a passion for learning about history. Before these people travel somewhere, they are sure to research about the past of that particular place and find the attractions that they want to visit accordingly. For these people, it is not enough to read a book about history, but they must also experience it first-hand. If you are traveling with these types of people, be prepared to visit lots of historical attractions and to get an earful about their historical significance. I am not trying to be condescending here, as I am one of these people…

  • Culture
  • Possibly the most interesting thing about traveling to another country is immersing yourself into the culture. This aspect of travel is for the open-minded. Culture encompasses so many different categories that create what a country is like day in and day out. Things like food, religion, politics, and other aspects of daily life create culture and identity. The best way to experience culture is to really interact with the locals and try to live their lives while traveling. This will mean, at times, uncomfortable situations. It also means more stories to tell when you return from your travels.

  • Adventure
  • This type of traveler is the thrill-seeker. They want to go skydiving, bungee jumping, and hiking, among many other activities that get the adrenaline pumping throughout your body. Be prepared to be exhausted when traveling with an adventure-seeker, but also to have many amazing stories to tell when you return back to the real world.

  • Experience
  • This traveler is there for the moment and wants to capture it to remember it forever. These are the travelers that do activities for the memory. They take lots and lots and lots and lots of photographs and video. They seek out new experiences that are unique and document their travels very meticulously. Do not be afraid of taking selfies wherever you go with these travelers.

  • Vacation
  • The vacationer is somebody that wants to take a break and breathe the fresh air away from their home. They want to be pampered during their travels and not have to worry about where they are going or what meal they are going to eat next. These travelers seek out resorts and take a relaxing outlook on their travels.

These categories are not exclusive of each other. It is possible you share traits of each category. I for one believe I am a history buff first, but I also seek the culture aspects of a destination as it intertwines so well with history. In addition, I am not one to shy away from an adventure. However, there are some traits that are more dominant than others. These will also help you figure out what you want to get out of your travels. Being able to know what type of traveler you are will play a key role later in this post as we start to build your own identity.




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