Home Travel Advice How to Filter Water for Drinking: Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles for Travelers

How to Filter Water for Drinking: Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles for Travelers

How to Filter Water for Drinking: Best Eco Friendly Water Bottles for Travelers

Have you ever been on a long hike where you ran out of water? Or maybe you have gone on a walking tour during your travels and the same thing has happened. Maybe you walked by a river, stream, or even a fountain and just wished you could take a sip. Maybe you have wondered how to drink dirty water without getting sick.

I know that since I was a child I have thought about drinking water. Whether I was out swimming in lake and accidentally taking a big gulp or in a swimming pool and getting that taste of chlorine, I was concerned about how that would effect me. We all seem to take for granted clean drinking water. Travel will really open your eyes to just how good we have it.


The amount of waste we are producing because of non-reusable plastic water bottles in the market is astounding. I always thought that recycling would help minimize the effects this would have on the planet, however the low percentage of people that actually do recycle does not help the environment as much as we had hoped.

Maybe there is an alternative that could be introduced that would help us drink dirty water without wondering how to filter water for drinking. Maybe there are alternatives to plastic water bottles that would help our planet. Maybe there is the perfect water bottle for hikers, travelers, backpackers, eco-friendly consumers, and so many more in need of clean drinking water.

Enter the best filter water bottles on the market today from what I have seen.

How to Filter Water for Drinking

The simplest way without ever needing to add chemicals or start a fire and boil the water is to buy a water bottle with a filter like Water-to-Go’s and Life Straw’s bottles. These water bottles all work in the same way. Simply find a water source, fill up your water bottle, screw the cap on that has the filter attached, and drink away. The companies claim that the filters kill 99.9% of bacteria found in water sources and that the filters last for a couple of months.

Filters can be purchased when they need to be replaced, and the Water-to-Go bottles even include a filter replacement tracker that lets you know when your filter needs to be replaced. Filters also need to be activated before they are used, which includes soaking them in water for a period of time.

Not only are these bottles amazing because of their uses for travelers, hikers, and everyday users, but also because of their environmental impact.

Use for Eco-Friendly Travelers

Quite possibly one of the best alternatives to plastic water bottles, these filter water bottles have major beneficial aspects to not just eco-friendly travelers, but those who have been wanting to find the best alternatives for plastic water bottles.

With the amount of waste found in oceans today, saving the amount of water bottles that end up in landfills or other places is essential to the health of our planet’s future. These bottles can help effectively reduce, or maybe even one day eliminate, the use of plastic water bottles.

Some prefer plastic water bottles because they feel it is safer, feeling that they are less likely to get sick from it compared to tap water. Ban the Bottle has more great facts on this and some common misconception of drinking bottled water as oppose to drinking tap water.

It is obvious the environmental impact we could have if plastic water bottles were completely eliminated, but even if a portion of the current use of plastic water bottles were reduced, it would be a step in the right direction and we would be much better off. Besides investing in a filtered water pitcher for your home and office, these water bottles are the best alternatives to plastic water bottles on the market today.

Use in Different Scenarios

  • Out On A Body of Water

  • Do you enjoy fishing, canoeing, or kayaking? Well in this scenario water is all around you, but it is not exactly safe for drinking. Maybe you have wondered how to filter water for drinking. You would just need to pack one of these water bottles in your waterproof bag or tackle box before you push off for your time on the lake and you will have enough water to drink to last more than a lifetime. This gentleman did not need to know how to filter river water for drinking, he just went ahead and filled up his filtered water bottle.

  • Camping

  • Packing for a camping trip can be a daunting task. Things can easily be missed. And even if you remember to bring the case of water, it is heavy. Plus you already have the case of beer you need to carry. Some may choose to boil their water over a fire when camping, but you are still left with a funky taste and warm water. Maybe you have wondered how to purify water in the wild without fire. Well, you now have a way to do just that!

  • Hiking

  • Hiking is one of our favorite pastimes. Good exercise and wonderful scenery. The worst can be packing enough water for your hike. How much really is enough? Do you still have room or the weight capacity for all of your camera gear after packing the water? Maybe knowing how to filter dirty water in the wild can be so much simpler with just a water bottle. You just need to find that stream or river. Maybe plot out your path before you take off on your hike so you come across one.

  • Traveling / Backpacking

  • When you are traveling, worrying about having enough water can be time consuming and simply a heavy task. I have wondered during my travels before how to drink dirty water whenever I come across it. I even wondered if there would ever be a day that it would be possible. Now it is.

  • Home / Office

  • The simple solution to never needing to carry water into your home. Ever wanted to filter tap water? These are now definitely a good alternative to having a pitcher filter system in your house, though not as cost-effective. However, these are much more personalized and much more portable.

  • Areas Affected By Lack of Clean Drinking Water

  • Imagine what this means to areas that lack clean drinking water. A solution to the diseases and virus’ that are caused by contaminated drinking water. Just take the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistics on the staggering number of people in the world without access to clean drinking water and the amount of people who die each year because of this. Maybe not yet at scale or cost-effective for the people in these areas as of yet, but a solution and a step in the right direction nonetheless.

  • What Other Scenarios Can You Think Of?

  • The possibilities with this product are endless. What other scenarios can you think of for this product? We would love to hear them in the comment section below.


These seem to be the best alternatives to plastic water bottles that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios. Whether you are wondering hot to filter dirty water in the wild or how to purify water at home, these bottles provide a portable way to travel with an unlimited supply of clean water when in the vicinity of any water source.

Next time you find yourself out and about, you will never need to ask how to purify water that is in front of you. Simply pack one of these water bottles for your next adventure, and worry no more. Or, just use it knowing that you are doing good for the environment. Either way, this product is revolutionary.


Have you ever used one of these water bottles? Let us know what you think of them by posting a comment below.