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How To Make Money While Traveling

How To Make Money While Traveling

Traveling opens our eyes to the world around us. It helps us understand and experience different cultures. Traveling opens our mind and our heart to new experiences. It provides us with many memories that will shape us as a person. Traveling is priceless…

Except for the fact that traveling can be extremely pricey. So, how to make money while traveling? You can get away with saving some money here and there on different aspects of your travel. Maybe you saved a lot on your flight and you found a cheap hostel to stay at. That is money saved, but it still does not make your travel cheap. Remember, it is not just the money you spend while traveling, but also the money you could have been earning during that time that is the cost of your traveling.

Travel Photo Gyeongbokgung Versus Modernization, Seoul, South Korea
Gyeongbokgung Versus Modernization, Seoul, South Korea

This brings me to the topic of working abroad and my experience with it. Now, let me preface this by saying that working abroad may not work for everyone. Firstly, you need to be eligible to work abroad. Also, much like the opportunity to travel, working abroad may just not be a viable option for some. However, in my biased opinion, I truly believe that this is the best way to see the world.

It is however not the only way to get paid and travel the world. Though, in my case it was teaching English abroad, there are some requirements like having a post-secondary education and coming from an English speaking country, the requirements are minimal compared to other ways to travel the world and get paid.

Some ways are more free than others. Some require you to still work a 9 to 5 in a physical location, but at least you are in a new country and can still explore the new country during the weekends and holidays. Other ways are a bit more free as they allow you to work your own hours, though these are likely the most difficult to establish.

Anyways, here are the ways we have found how to make money while traveling.

How To Make Money While Traveling

How To Make Money While Traveling the World

  1. Teach Abroad

  2. This is an obvious one. I took a job in a country that I knew I wanted to travel to. This allowed me to travel the country on weekends, while I worked during the weekdays to make money. I can truly say that I have experienced the culture of this country as much as I can as a foreigner here.

    In addition to being able to explore the country I moved to, I chose the area of the world that I was interested in exploring. This allowed me to go on trips during vacations and holidays to neighboring countries cheaper than I would be able to if I was continually flying from my home country.

    In my situation, I was able to find a fairly well-paid job with good vacation time in comparison to that of my home country. This allowed me to not only save up the money I needed to go on trips faster than I would back home, but also to have the time to go on these trips.

    The requirements include having a post-secondary education, coming from an English-speaking country, and having a clean criminal record. These are just the major requirements, but provide a glimpse at what you would be getting yourself in to should you choose to pursue teaching abroad.

    If you are looking where you can teach abroad, you can find the best places to teach English abroad here. We would love to hear your teaching abroad experiences including where you taught and how it went in the comment section below!

    How To Make Money While Traveling
    View from Achasan, Seoul, South Korea
  3. Work Remotely

  4. This is such a great way to travel the world. You can at the very least move to a country with less living expenses than where you are living at the moment and take a job that pays less than you make right now. In that sense you are still likely saving the same amount and yet you get to be in a whole different country able to travel and work flexible hours.

    One way you can do this is you can ask your current employer if they would allow you to work remotely. We interviewed one couple on the Travel Couple Podcast that did just this and succeeded in convincing their boss to allow them to do this. They did take a pay cut, but they had no problem with this if it meant working flexible hours remotely.

    Another way would be to seek employment on a job board like We Work Remotely or joining an online group that would help you find a remote job. Expanding your network really helps you in finding the right employer that will let you work remotely.

    Also, you can expand you skill sets to include online tasks like marketing and content creation which brings me to the next way you can travel the world and make money.

  5. Start a Business

  6. This is likely the most difficult of the three, but if you set up the right business that brings you money while you sleep, you can travel the world while working when you want. This takes a lot of work and time to set up though so you may want to play around with this before you set out on your adventure.

    If you are interested in content creation, get started on a niche website that interests you and begin making content that drives traffic to your website. Then you can work to monetize that traffic through affiliate marketing, advertising, brand deals, and so much more.

    Or, if you have a specific set of skills, perhaps you want to pick up clients that are willing to work with you on a remote basis as a freelancer. This requires a little more of your time to work with them and to be flexible with their hours, but this can be extremely rewarding.

  7. Invest

  8. This one takes a lot of time and having capital tied up while you travel. However, whether you are investing in a business, stocks, real estate, or whatever you have going on back home, you can keep those investments and travel while they appreciate.

    If you have a business at home and have the right people and systems in place to run the business while you take off, this could be a good way to make money without having to worry to much about your business and to feel comfortable that you are still bringing in money while on the road.

    I know a few couples who own some property and rent it out while they travel the world together and others that have accumulated enough wealth that they have their investments in order to retire and are able to travel.

    Though this takes some time to accomplish, there is no time like the present to begin investing into your future.


Many people can’t find the time and/or money to travel. How to make money while traveling can help provide the time and the money when traveling. Working abroad is your best solution to fulfilling the travel bone in your body. If you are fresh out of university and are looking to travel, but you are struggling paying off those student debts, look for a job teaching abroad. Generally all you need is an bachelor’s degree in any field. Work for a year, while going on trips during vacation and holiday time, and then take the next year to travel the world. It can be done!

Alternatively, there are many other great solutions to finding a way to travel the world and make money at the same time. Follow the one that suits you or work on all of them at the same time to create the lifestyle that you want.

If you want more information or help on any of these, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be happy to get you started on the right foot.


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