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One Day in Málaga, Spain

One Day in Málaga, Spain

Málaga was an unplanned stop while in Spain. We had known nothing about it before arriving and did not know what we were going to do for our less one day in Málaga. It turns out that the South-Eastern coastal city is a lovely small town home to Pablo Picasso’s birthplace.

We arrived in Spain from Morocco via a ferry and spent one night in Ronda. From Ronda we were meant to travel to Madrid. Unfortunately we were unable to book a train from Ronda to Madrid on the day of our departure. The train was completely booked. Something we had not known would happen during a low season in the country, especially compared to booking trains in Morocco.

We were stuck with not knowing how we would get to Madrid. We found a bus station in Ronda and asked the best route. The one that was suggested to us was to take a bus from Ronda to Málaga, spend the day there, and take a night bus from Málaga to Madrid.

But what would there be to do while in Málaga? Well, more than enough to fill our short amount of time while in the city. Unfortunately we were lugging our bags around with us the whole time which made for a difficult time to visit and get around to as many places as we could. We still had a great time in the city and accomplished a lot.

The bus dropped us off right by the Roman Theater, a great place to start our walking tour of the city and to see as much as we could. Right around here there is a tourist information booth that you can grab a map of the city and talk to the nice people at the booth about what you can accomplish during your stay in Málaga. This was especially helpful for us as we could ask them what we could do while walking with our luggage and in the short amount of time that we had.

In this guide of Málaga, we are only covering things to do within the city of Málaga and not things outside of the city or surrounding area. This is because this is a one day guide to Málaga and we focus on things you can add to your list to visit while in the city.

One Day in Malaga, Spain

One Day in Málaga


  • Arrived in Málaga in the early afternoon from Ronda via bus.
  • Started our walking tour of the city at Teatro Romano.
  • Visited the Fundación Picasso.
  • Walked around the pedestrian areas of the city.
  • Took a taxi tour of the city.
  • Finished by having a meal at a tapas bar.

Everything we did while in the city is covered in this red shape:

Malaga Spain Map

At a closer look of where we were walking:

Walking Tour of Malaga, Spain



Things to Do in Málaga, Spain

What We Did


What We Missed

  • Picasso Museum Málaga

  • We chose to tour Pablo Picasso’s birthplace residence and to skip the museum. I think we made the right choice, though the museum is home to hundreds of his works that were donated and would make a great place to check out should you be a big Picasso fan.

  • Castillo Gibralfaro

  • This castle is located on a hill and is an easy hike to the top with a small entrance fee. Unfortunately hills were off of our list of things to do while in Málaga because we were lugging around our luggage for the day, but this definitely would have made our list of things to do in the city.

  • Carmen Thyssen Museum

  • If art is the main reason that you are visiting Spain, then this museum is the home of 19th century Spanish paintings and would be a great place to add to your tour of Málaga.

  • Museo de Málaga

  • Málaga has a lot of museums to offer anyone visiting. If you enjoy spending your time seeing the various museums while you travel, then this museum combines two previous museums including the Museo Provincial de Bellas Artesand and Museo Arqueológico in two separate sections.

  • La Concepción Historical-Botanical Gardens

  • A little further outside of the city to the north is a lovely botanical garden that dates back to 1855 if you are interested in this type of attraction when you are traveling.

  • Playa de La Malagueta and La Malagueta

  • If you are a beach-goer, the this is the beach you want to visit when in the city. It is located close to the city center and also includes a nice shopping and beachfront area that you can relax at enjoying a meal or drink at a bar.

  • Plaza de toros de La Malagueta

  • A bullring with memorabilia that you can visit while touring the city. It includes a museum, one of many in the city, that you can also visit to learn more about the

Where to Eat in Málaga

What We Did

  • Tapas Restaurants and Gelato Shops

  • What we did while in Málaga was just walk around and find places that we wanted to try. We visited a gelato shop while walking by and Taberna La Malagueña in Plaza del Obispo by Palacio Episcopal. Here we enjoyed the remaining moments at night before we had to board our bus to Madrid. We ordered some sangria and tapas while watching a soccer game with the locals. It was a great plaza to enjoy with lovely architecture and a peaceful surrounding. We could not have asked for a better place to visit.

    Sangria and Tapas Restaurant in Malaga, Spain

    We also visited Calle de Bruselas on the way to Fundación Picasso, located pretty much right next to it. There are a few different tapas restaurants to choose from in this plaza and each have their different specials that they offer.

    Tapas Restaurant in Malaga, Spain

    There are so many tapas restaurants to choose from, especially in this area of the city that we covered in this guide. Menus are posted outside of the restaurant so you know exactly what you can order and for how much.


What We Missed

  • Mercado Central de Atarazanas

  • This is an old school market that is full of local shops and tapas bars. This would be an excellent place to wander at lunch to grab a bite to eat. Make sure you plan this earlier in your day as it closes a few hours after noon during the weekdays. We were disappointed that we found out about it at the time it was closed.

Where to Shop in Málaga

How to Get Around Málaga

  • Taxi

  • While in the city, we took advantage of driving around in a taxi to get from place to place in order to see as much of the city as possible. The taxis we used were great and reliable. They are fairly expensive compared to other countries.

  • Walking

  • Walking around the city really lets you appreciate the different areas, cobble stone streets, lovely architecture, and to be able to just soak in the city. We always recommend taking your time in a city to walk around and enjoy your time there. Unfortunately time and carrying our luggage around was not on our side with our one day in Málaga, so we did opt to use a taxi at times.

    How to Get to Málaga

  • Train

  • There is a train station in Málaga, so getting a train is an option from some cities. However, we were coming from Ronda and we would have had to transfer. In this case, we chose to take a direct bus from Ronda to Málaga.

  • Bus

  • We booked a bus from Ronda to Málaga on the day of our departure. The bus took a little less than two hours and it brought us to a great place to begin our walk around the city. Buses are reliable and efficient throughout Spain and we were extremely pleased with the bus system.

    Where to Stay in Málaga


    We actually did not stay a night in the city. After arriving in the early afternoon, we spent our time wondering around the city until we caught our night bus to Madrid in the early morning. This saved us the cost and time spent checking in to a place, but we did have to carry around our luggage. Not ideal, but we were still happy to be able to see as much of Málaga as we could.


    Málaga was a great host for us during our one day in the city. It is such a lovely place to walk around and to soak in the atmosphere. Though it is a city that a lot of tourists visit, you can still find places to avoid the crowds and to enjoy some sangria.

    We luckily went during a low season and were able to stroll around with our luggage in tow and to see as much of the city as we could with our one day. It was an unplanned stop for us during our trip in Spain, but we are always interested in seeing more of a country even if it means we need to move fast.

    Málaga is a great city to see fast, though we would have enjoyed a couple more days in the city and the surrounding area.

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    We would love to hear about your experience while in Málaga or to answer any questions you may have about your future trip. Leave a comment below!


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    Happy travels!

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