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Where to Stay in Mexico City

Where to Stay in Mexico City

Mexico City is a wonderful destination filled with so much history and culture. It is unfortunate that the country of Mexico has been portrayed so negatively in the media. However, this is not the case. Sure there are areas in the capital city that you should avoid. And whenever you travel, you should be aware of your belongings, where you are, and who is around you.

There are places where to stay in Mexico City that we will explore in this post. Areas and hotels or AirBnBs that we would recommend you stay while you are in the city. There are certain things you need to consider when you are in Mexico City in terms of the area you are staying and the proximity to the places you want to visit.

We all know that where you stay in a city can make or break you trip. You do not want to find out that a place is infested with insects or that you are fearful of getting back to your hotel at night. This is why it is important to do the research in advance to plan where you are going to stay.

Where to Stay in Mexico City




Where to Stay in Mexico City

There are certain areas in Mexico City that you should focus on when booking your hotel or AirBnB. There are safer areas in the city and places that you should avoid. You never want to worry about getting back into your hotel at night. You also want to know that there is security in your building or a gated entrance.

Safety is always the first thing you should consider whenever staying in a city. This is why staying in a hotel is a good recommendation when in Mexico City. Generally hotels have good security and you will have peace of mind knowing that your personal possessions that stay in your accommodation are safe and that when you are returning to your place at night is likely safer. Also, hotels generally offer air conditioning whereas booking a stay in someone’s place does not necessarily guarantee air conditioning. This can be an important aspect as air conditioning is not everywhere in Mexico City, so having a place that offers it especially in the heat of the summer is important.

You should then consider what you want to see and do when you are in Mexico City. You do not need to plan your entire day-to-day itinerary, but doing a quick search online to see the different things you can do and see in the city and plotting them on a map will give you a good idea of approximately where you should be staying in the city.

We went ahead and plotted a few important points on the map below. These are points of interest that you will need to consider when choosing your accommodation. Though they do not represent everything that you can do in Mexico City, it does provide areas of interest that you should be considering when choosing your accommodation.

Where to Stay in Mexico City

Now, when considering where your accommodation is in terms of public transportation is not too important in Mexico City. This is because we highly suggest that you use Uber in the city. This is because public transit, though extremely inexpensive, has been known for pick-pocketing as warned by our host. Taxis look like they are breaking down. This leaves Uber being a still relatively inexpensive option to get around the city. It also provides a comfortable ride and safety knowing that you have the Uber network backing you and knowing where you are and where you are going.

Looking at the Booking.com map above, there is a reason why there is a large cluster of hotels available in the following two areas that we will recommend you stay in Mexico City. It is because these are among the safest and lovely areas to stay within the city. They are both at the top of our list for areas that we would return to when back in Mexico City.

La Condesa

This is the area that we stayed and the one recommended to us to stay by James and Sarah of The Whole World or Nothing. We did stay in an AirBnB, but we got really lucky in terms of it having a gated entrance and security. This was not something we had considered when choosing the right place to stay.

This is why it is important to look for the small details when you are looking for the right accommodation. Hotels are generally safer and provide a slightly more comfortable stay. However, we were happy with our choice of accommodation in Mexico City.

La Condesa is full of wide streets and tree-lined side roads. It is right next to Chapultepec Park which is a massive park filled with all types of attractions. This made it an ideal choice for us while staying in the city. Our place was also on a main road which lead directly towards the Historic City Center which made for a slightly cheaper Uber ride. However, every ride in Mexico City is inexpensive.

There are Lime scooters in La Condesa and the surrounding area which you can ride if you can download the app and make your way through the prompts. We could not.

From morning to night, we walked the streets of La Condesa. The side streets are less lit up at night, but we felt safe walking them and never felt as though we were threatened. The main streets are lit up and have traffic passing by on a continuous basis at night.


Split up between Roma Norte and Roma Sur, these two areas are right next to La Condesa with similar characteristics. This makes them still a lovely choice for a place to stay. However, Roma Norte is the better choice of the two.

Roma Norte extends slightly further north of La Condesa and is set mostly east of it. It is filled with side streets that would entertain any foodie for days on end. It is the perfect place to stay if you are interested in trying the food that Mexico City has to offer. We dined in a few different places in Roma Norte while we were in Mexico City and loved the experience.

We walked the streets in the morning, during the day, and late at night when the sun had gone down. There were still people on the streets and still felt very safe while walking at night. Though you should still be cautious of your environment at night.

Where to Stay in Mexico City

Our Suggested Hotels in Mexico City

We have made a list of our suggested hotels that are in these two areas to save you some time having to search for the right hotels in the right areas. These are hotels based on location and safety, as well as comparing reviews between several visitors and their star ratings.

Casa Decu

Casa Decu is our mid price range choice for a place to stay in Mexico City. It is also the most bang for your buck as far as a hotel is concerned in the areas we are talking about. It is a lovely designed hotel that provides a wide range of amenities for your stay in Mexico City. It includes a terrace to get a view of the city and is a lovely walking neighborhood technically not in La Condesa, but right next to it.

Kuarti Posada Viena

This is our budget choice for those wanting to stay in a less expensive place, but still feel safe in the surroundings and have the comfort of a hotel. This place offers more of a Mexican style interior filled with lovely colors and a view of the city from your room. You will love the area outside of this hotel and walking around the area. However, there is no WIFI available in this hotel. Make sure to pick up a SIM card with data on it.

Capital Luxury Apartments and Offices

Between the top two in price range is Capital Luxury Apartments and Offices. Much like the top two, you will be located in a beautiful neighborhood with a safe place to walk outside. However, you will have more amenities in terms of having a kitchen at your disposal if you want to take advantage of cooking with the local ingredients you pick up at a local market. This place is ideal for lengthy stays if you are looking for a sleek space to work and live in.


We hope that this article has helped you make your decision on choosing the right area and ultimately the right accommodation for your trip. We always believe that making the right decision on where to stay has to do first with the safety of that area and second with the proximity to places you want to see.

Knowing the safety is obviously priority number one whenever you are traveling. Your trip can quickly become ruined if you are robbed or worse. We always recommend wherever you are traveling to be aware. Be aware of your belongings and where you have them on you. Keeping things in your back pockets is not recommended. Also, be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. Being preventative is the most important to being safe.

The next priority in choosing your accommodation is knowing its proximity to the places on your itinerary. You do not need to plan out your entire itinerary, but knowing the places that are important to you or the places that are must-see will help you know the best place to stay in terms of proximity to these places.

Once you know this information, you will know where to stay in Mexico City.


Have you stayed in Mexico City before? Where did you stay? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment section below.