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Best Eco Friendly Travel Products

Best Eco Friendly Travel Products

In our effort to become more eco friendly in our travel lives and our lives at home, we are working to find new products that will help decrease our pollution and footprint. We feel especially responsible to be more environmentally friendly as travelers who love to see and share in this beautiful world.

In our previous post about eco friendly backpack companies, we discussed companies that are working to become sustainable companies that give back to our earth rather than take from it. We also previously discussed the best filtered water bottles on the market that can significantly cut down on your plastic water bottle consumption.

In this post, we want to dive deeper into eco friendly travel products that will make you more environmentally conscious when on the road and thus reduce your footprint. Some of these can even be brought back home and used in your every day lives as well. You can find more ways to help you travel more sustainably here.

Best Eco Friendly Travel Products


Eco Friendly Travel Products

These items on this list are a mixture of products that we have used for a while in our daily and travel lives, products that we are going to begin implementing in our lives, and products that are new to us that we cannot wait to use more often in our lives.

We believe some of these would even surprise you that they are on the market and would be so easy to purchase and transition them into your lives, while others may be more of a travel product rather than a daily life product. Nonetheless, these are all products that are environmentally friendly in one way or another.

  • Reusable Filtered Water Bottle

  • Not having to worry about where you are getting clean drinking water when on the road or when camping can add to the stress of a day. It can also add a lot of weight to a backpack or whatever it is that you are carrying around with you.

    Reusable filtered water bottles allow you to filter water collected from anywhere without needing to worry about boiling water on a campsite or carrying around significant amounts of water. It is a good way to collect water from a water source when you are camping near a lake or river. It is also a good way of drinking water back at your accommodation when traveling while saving having to carry water back and wasting the plastic.

    These are a great way to help out the environment, but to also help relieve some stress that comes with traveling. They are also a great alternative at home to using one-time use plastic water bottles.

  • Eco Friendly Backpack

  • Backpacks are a travelers best friend. There is no way that you are going traveling without one. If you are in the market for a new backpack, look into purchasing one that is good for the environment. There are so many companies emerging that are creating backpacks out of recycled materials, sustainable materials, and also giving back to the world rather than taking from it.

    One such company that really stands out to us is tentree. As their name suggests, they plant ten trees for every backpack purchased. Not only that, but they also make their backpacks out of sustainable materials including: coconut to make buttons, hemp, cork for tabs, organic cotton, recycled polyester, TENCELâ„¢ Lyocell which comes from eucalyptus trees, modal from beechwood trees, and linen from flax plant.

    They are just one company on our list of backpack companies that are working to change the world for the better to create eco friendly products.

  • Eco Friendly Packing Cubes

  • Packing cubes are the greatest thing for travelers. Why use packing cubes? Because they help you save some space when you pack while keeping your clothing less creased like compression or vacuum bags would. They also help you keep your things organized when traveling. You can use them to separate things like toiletries, clean clothes, dirty clothes, and whatever else you need separated.

    While these have really exploded in popularity online, make sure that you are purchasing ones that are good for the environment. Florious makes packing cubes from heavy duty recycled nylon, making sure that your packing cubes will last many trips to come while being made with recycled material.

  • Biodegradable Sunscreen

  • With the world’s reefs being destroyed, it is important that we are doing our part to reduce the impact on our underwater treasure. One way is to use biodegradable sunscreen when participating in any water activities.

    Traditional sunscreen is a major contributor to destroying our underwater life with the amount of people using it and swimming in the oceans causing the chemicals in the sunscreen to help in destroying reefs.

    Tropical Sands makes such a sunscreen which is water resistant with no chemical fragrances, preservatives, or emulsifiers that makes this sunscreen safe for use for water activities. It is instead formulated with green tea, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide while not absorbing into your skin. It is the perfect choice for eco friendly travelers wanting to participate in activities like snorkeling.

  • Eco Friendly Travel Clothing

  • The clothing industry has been one of the worse offenders to negatively impact the environment from the dyes used in our clothing to the materials used to produce them. However, things are changing with innovations within the industry and companies working to leave as little of an impact on the world as possible and even working to reverse their impact on the environment.

    Threads 4 Thought is one such sustainable clothing company that uses sustainable materials including organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Lenzing Modal. Their factories ensure the best working conditions and sustainable production processes. They are also partnered with the International Rescue Committee to help in-need communities around the world.

    As with any product, you are voting with your wallet. It is best to put your money to vote for a company that is really striving to make a meaningful difference in the world.

  • Eco Friendly Towel

  • Along with eco friendly clothing for your travels, you also need to pack a towel. So, why not pack an eco friendly towel. One that will also help to make less of an environmental impact as possible.

    Nomadix makes towels made from recycled materials including 80% polyester and 20% nylon. It is the perfect travel towel as it weighs just one pound, it is quick drying, anti-microbial, and slip resistant so that it can double as a yoga mat. It is your everything towel when on the road.

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

  • A product that is used on a daily basis can be the most difficult thing to change in your life, especially if it is something you have become accustomed to over many years. Our toothbrushes use up a lot of plastic. Plastic that is not biodegradable. This is why bamboo toothbrushes are becoming increasingly popular.

    You can help the environment while keeping your mouth clean with bamboo toothbrushes. Not only is bamboo extremely sustainable as it grows quickly, but it is also stronger and harder than wood.

    In addition to all of this, the package that these come in are 100% recycled biodegradable material.

  • Scrubba Wash Bag

  • We discussed earlier how the clothing industry is a bad offender for negatively effecting our environment and how it is the dyes and materials used in our products that cause this. This is on the production level, however at the consumer level there is so much more waste produced. This comes from using our machines to wash and dry our clothing and the amount of energy that is consumed in this process.

    You can now purchase bags that act as a clothes washer, making it extremely energy efficient to washing your clothes. While it is not likely something that will be easy to implement in your daily lives back home, when camping or backpacking this is the best solution to keep your clothes clean and smelling good.

    No need to hunt down a laundromat while on the road or packing a significant amount of clothes when going camping. You now have the ability to wash your clothes at your convenience.

    The Scrubba Wash Bag is easy to use: fill with clothes, close, deflate, and rub clothes against the interior wash bag with water and soap. It is small and extremely portable and can also double as a dirty laundry bag for your clothes that are ready to be washed.

  • Solar Powered Chargers

  • Along with the wash bag above, this is also aimed at camping trips. Without a proper place to charge your electronics when out in the wilderness, you can now use renewable energy to charge wherever you go. Solar powered charging products can help you keep your phones and other USB devices charged throughout the day.

    This solar powered charger has four solar panels that fold up and can charge your phone multiple times over. If the sun is not out, you can charge it using a USB cable as well to prepare for those days without sun forecast in the coming days. You can charge up to two devices at once in this dust, shock, and waterproof charger with a built in LED flashlight if needed in the dark.

  • Silicon Ziploc Bags / Reusable Snack Bags

  • These can be the easiest thing to use in both your daily lives and travel lives on this list. At home we generally use reusable containers to store food or other items, but we have been at fault for using one-time use plastic bags and disposing of them.

    When on the road, these containers are not ideal as they take up too much space and can add significant weight to your backpacks. Small bags that can be sealed are the best thing to bring with you. That is why you should pick up bags that can be reused for your travels.

    These bags are waterproof, leak proof, sealing in the freshness of your foods or making sure that your toiletries do not leak out. They are freezer safe and hand washable made of FDA grade PEVA material. This is PVC, BPA, Silicone, Chloride, and Lead free. Of course the point behind these bags are that they are reusable and are not to be disposed of otherwise you lose the environmentally friendly part of these bags.



There are so many alternatives to what we use in our daily lives and travel lives that we can use to make our world a better place. Some of these things we have used for some time now, some we have just began to use, and others are things we are going to begin implementing in our daily lives.

We would love to encourage you to do the same with us, especially when traveling to help reduce our carbon footprint on the world.

Do you have anything that you would add to this list?