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Best Fes Guided Tours

Best Fes Guided Tours

We do not often recommend using all of your time in a city on tours. They do not leave room for your own exploration or traveling on your own time. They are typically very rigid and keep you from diving deeper into the things that stand out to you, especially if you are on a group tour.

However, booking a guided tour of Fes is the first thing we think that you should do and the thing that we did with our two days in Fes. The city is confusing to walk through and getting a first-hand tour from a local is the best way to get acquainted to this sprawling city. There is no doubt in our mind that if you try to tackle this city by yourself, you will get lost. It can even be confusing for a local.

But getting the right guide to take you through the various places and the hidden gems of the city was the best decision we made while in Fes. We saw things that there is no way we would have seen would we have tried to tour by ourselves. Not just getting guided, but also having explained what we were seeing was important otherwise we would have just been walking around the city aimlessly.

We want to walk you through the best Fes guided tours in this post. The ones that really stood out for us and the ones that will cover the things that you are going to want to do with your time in this unbelievable city. Buckle up and follow us through this list.

Best Fes Guided Tours

Fes Tours

Fes is a beautiful city with a lot to offer any type of traveler. It is one of the few cities that we have traveled to where we were overwhelmed. This is entirely because the intricacies of the Fes Medina. The Medina of any city is the oldest part and is usually characterized by winding alleyways opening up to small or large squares followed by more alleyways. Fes has the largest Medina possibly in the world and it is known for its tiny and winding alleyways that are at times so small you need to squeeze through them.

It really is an incredible place to wander and get lost. However, you may not really want to get lost or you may not even have the time to get lost. For us, we had two days in Fes and we knew we wanted to see as much as we could of this place while we could. We knew the best bet was to book a tour.

Regardless of what you want to do in Fes, and trust us there is a lot to do within Fes and outside of Fes, there is a tour that will help you get there and make the most of your time rather than you spending the limited time that you have in the city trying to figure out if you are walking in circle or if you have seen that building before.

Here are the best Fes guided tours:


  • Fes City Tours

  • This is one tour that we were so thankful we booked. There is no way that we could have navigated the maze that is the Medina of Fes. It is really hard to describe how intricate this place is, but there really is a mix of streets and alleyways that twist and turn through the Medina with a new smell and sight lurking around each corner.

    When we first arrived in Fes at night, we tried our best to find food while we were staying in the Medina. It was possible, we found what we were looking for after taking multiple wrong turns. Getting back to our accommodation was just as difficult.

    It was the next day that our tour was booked, and we were so thankful to have a great guide take us through the Medina and explain to us what we were seeing and where he was taking us throughout the day. We visited the palace, different gates, the university, different vendors and artisans, and so many more things. It was so helpful and there is no way we would have seen what we did if we tried to do that for ourselves.

    Do yourself a favor and book a tour of the Medina. It will really save you a lot of headaches and make the most of your time in the city. After you become more familiar with the Medina (which would take months) you can then take your time and walk around it on your own. When it comes to Fes day tours of the city, there are no better tours to choose from.


  • Day Trip Tours from Fes

  • There are two exceptionally great day trips that you can take from Fes. One being to the blue washed city of Chefchaouen that you have probably seen in your Instagram feed on one occasion or another. The other being a day trip to Meknes and Volubilis.

    Chefchaouen is a beautiful city and one that is a perfect day trip from Fes. The Medina of the city is washed completely in a magnificent blue color that makes so picturesque. There are Instagram opportunities around every corner in this city and enough souvenir shopping to fill an entire day.

    When we visited Chefchaouen, we stayed for two nights. This seemed like a lot in retrospect as we did not make any day trips from the city and the big draw is the Medina which is easily accomplished in one day. Still, it is a city that you must see in Morocco.

    With this tour, you have about four hours or more within the city exploring it with a guide and choosing from the things that are offered in the city as well as enjoying a lunch on a rooftop terrace. The tour includes pick up and drop off from and to Fes. This makes it the perfect way to see Chefchaouen while you are staying in Fes and really making the most of your time.

    The other tour to Meknes and Volubillis is one that we did not make during our trip to Morocco, but one that we have been recommended to see. We just did not have the time to fit this into our schedule.

    On this tour you are picked up and taken to explore the Medina of Meknes, see the historic remains of Volubilis, and see the holy town of Moulay Idriss. These places are beautiful and are worth making a day trip from Fes. At the end of the day you are returned back to Fes.

    These two tours from Fes are perfect ways to round out your trip to this incredible city. If time permits of course. But you may want to leave room for another Fes excursion to the desert.


  • Fes Desert Tours

  • Whether you want a desert tour from Marrakech to Fes or a desert tour from Fes to Marrakech, there are three day desert tours for you to choose from. This is something in retrospect that we wish we could have fit into our schedule. We did not know much about Morocco before we landed in the country. It was one of those trips that one of us wanted to slip this in our trip, but the other one was not too interested in it.

    It was not until a couple of years later that we started to see these Instagrammers posting photos of the beautiful Moroccan desert night sky and the experiences on these desert tours that we thought this would have been something that we should have done while we were in Fes. Still, we would have had to extend our trip or miss out on something that we did while we were in the country. And we are pretty happy with what we already did.

    Nonetheless, a desert tour is a must if you have the time to do it! There is so much to do and see from the Atlas Mountains, the desert itself, the Berber camps, and the experience itself staying in tents and seeing the incredible sky at night.

    Each of these Fes desert tips have amazing things to offer you and are highly rated. When choosing Morocco desert tours from Fes, think about how comfortable you will feel in the desert traveling by camel (sometimes they also have a vehicle) and staying in a tent at night. Is this something that would interest you for two or three days? Or would you prefer to stick to the city of Fes while you are in town?

    Make sure that you read the reviews from the experiences and understand what you are getting into before you depart on your desert tour from Fes.




With so many amazing things to do in and around Fes, you will likely need to pick and choose the things you get to see. Make sure that your first priority is taking a tour of the Medina. This absolutely requires a guide at least to become accustomed to the city first before trying to venture through the maze by yourself.

Fitting in a day trip to Chefchaouen is definitely recommended by us as we had an incredible time in the city, especially if you are looking to get some beautiful shots. The next for us would be choosing a desert trip if time permits. Obviously this takes a lot of time out of your schedule in comparison to the other tours, but it is definitely an incredible thing to experience while in Morocco. It is also a unique way to get from Fes to Marrakech or Marrakech to Fes.

Regardless, if you are planning a trip to Fes you are in for an incredible treat. The city stands out as our favorite city in the country and really made us fall in love with Morocco.


Have you ever visited Fes? What did you do while you were there? Let us know in the comment section below.