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Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in maps. I guess this is what made me want to get out and travel the world to see destinations beyond finding where they were located on a map.

This also explains why our apartment is currently filled with maps. You can find them on our fridge magnets, on photos on our tables, and on our walls. There is no lack of maps in our place and it really shows off our love of travel.

The thing is, we did not always have these maps crowding the space in our house. It took us a while to decide that purchasing a map to display in our house was a gift we would give one another. It turns out, the perfect gift for a travel lover is a world map. Who would have thought.

To take it one step further than that, having a personalised world map created for the travel lover in your life really adds a special thoughtful touch to a gift. Then, if you could pin the places you have been and the places that are next on your list to go with different colored pins, then you really have a world map gift worth gifting to a travel lover.

This is where Conquest Maps comes in. The best personalised world map gift for travel lovers.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for someone can be difficult. So often we buy gifts for people that do not end up getting used. It seems that the things people will use consistently is a gift card or money, but who wants to give or receive something like that? It screams that there was no thought put into this gift. It is the easy way out.

When you are starting to think about the perfect gift for someone, you need to go to their basic loves in their lives. Think of their hobbies or the things that they do on vacations. For us, we love travel. For many others, they likely love travel to.

Have you ever wondered the perfect gift to get a travel lover? Something that really shows that you thought about them and something that they will actually use on an ongoing basis. We have the perfect give for you to purchase for that someone special in your life or for somebody that you can pool some money together to get a special gift.

Conquest Maps makes world map gifts for travel lovers. Begun in the basement of Ross Worden’s Columbus, Ohio home in 2013, Conquest Maps has grown to include many more things than just the pin board map that he made for his wife. Now the company makes a wide range of products to inspire the travel lover of your life including: world map decals, canvas art, framed signs, coasters, letters, and so many more accessories with the theme of travel.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

The company provides excellent customer support as shown in their reviews and with a direct contact message system in the bottom right corner of their website. Not to mention that their reviews for their products are overwhelmingly positive.

If you are looking for the perfect world map gift of any shape and size, this is the place for you. However, it is their custom map gifts including the personal world maps that you can pin your travels on that makes them stand well above the others. The quality in the print and design makes for the perfect gift for travel lovers.

Personalised World Map

The personalised world map is the perfect gift to give the travel lover in your life. Conquest Maps has created an incredible product for you to give or for you to ask for as a gift. A product that allows you to customize and create something personal. You will be able to further personalise it with pins of where you have traveled to and where you will be traveling to next.

There are several choices for the style of the map that you can have printed. You can choose the map from: world, USA, Europe, North America, Caribbean, and States to have printed for your canvas.

You can also choose from several styles of the map including an old world feel to a modern slate black and white map. There are customized color maps you can choose and rustic vintage maps. Not to mention you can order a full piece map or a three panel piece that breaks the map into thirds.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Sizes for the one piece maps are 24″ x 16″, 36″ x 24″ and 48″ x 32″. Generally the bigger the size you get the better with being able to see the smaller countries and cities on your map and to be able to pin as much as you want to. The sizes for the three panel maps are 48″ x 32″ and 54″ x 36″.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

Further personalise your world map by replacing the standard text in the legend where it states your choice of map. Instead of “World Map” you can write the name of the person you are buying it for or write your names if this is a couple gift. You can also include the colors of the pins in the legend and what they stand for. For example, red pins mean that you have been there and blue pins mean that you are going there next or they are on your bucket list.

A personalised option is available on the product page with a button to click for personalisation for $20 more and a text box to write your text to be included. You will then receive a proof in 1-2 business days for you to proofread the spelling. Once you approve the proof, they will print, assemble, and ship your map.

These maps have a custom internal frame to support the canvas that the map is printed on and to allow you to pin your travels on your personalised world map. Furthermore, the frame has a cork backer to allow you to stick your pins into the map without trouble.

Push Pin Travel Maps

Looking for the best world travel map with pins to share your travels in your home? Conquest maps has you covered with their push pin board maps. Travel is something to share and take pride in. A push pin world map will help inspire you to get out there and travel more. Every time you see it, you will reflect on the memories you have made in each destination.

The best part of a push pin travel map is the ability to pin your travels on them and completely customize your map for yourself. You can purchase your world travel map with pins or purchase your pins separately as an added on accessory with your world map print.

The cork backer on your framed world map allows you to pin your travels or even your bucket list trips for you to display your world map pin board in your home.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

The pins that represent places you want to travel to will fuel your desire for more travel and getting to those places. There is nothing better than having something in your home reminding you of your travels and your future travels.

We have always wanted something to display our travels in our own home. Something that would look nice and function as a piece of art within our home. We could never find something that had everything we wanted or they were way out of our price range to justify piercing pins through it. Especially when they did not have the cork backer that allowed the pins to actually stay in the canvas.

These maps have everything you would want for a world map that you can pin your travels on. They look beautiful as if a work of art in your living room, they are completely personalised world maps, and allow you to pin your travels. These world map pin boards are the perfect gift for any travel lover. The perfect item to share your travels with your significant other. The best way to show off your travels and the places that you will travel to next.


We love these maps by Conquest Maps. There is no better gift that you can buy the travel lover in your life. Especially if you want to be able to personalise a world map and be able to pin your travels for display, this company has what you are looking for.

If you are just looking for a smaller gift with a world map inspiration to it, they have so many other products to offer. World map decals for your wall or laptop, world map printed letters, travel inspired canvas framed art and framed signs, coasters, and so many more accessories to help personalise your custom printed map.

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers

We are in love with these products. For so long we wanted that map that we could show off our travels in our home, and we found the perfect one for us. It was such a great gift for us as travel lovers to have.


Have you purchased a world map from Conquest Maps or another company? Let us know what you thought of it in the comment section below!

Custom Push Pin Travel Maps

Best Personalised World Map Gift for Travel Lovers