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How Airbnb Works and Why it is Great

How Airbnb Works and Why it is Great

Airbnb has emerged as an incredible resource for travelers when booking their accommodation. In this article, we will discuss how Airbnb works and why Airbnb is great for travelers and hosts alike. The website has created an excellent community of travelers and hosts. They have worked to keep that community interactive and safe for everyone. The result is one of the best places to book and save money on your accommodation for your next trip.

How Airbnb Works

The basic idea of Airbnb is that it allows people from all over the world the opportunity to list their house, apartment, or other accommodation that they have on the website to allow others to rent their space. This can be landlords that are wanting to rent their place out to travelers or ordinary people that have an extra room in their place that they want to rent out.

How Airbnb works for somebody who wants to rent out their space, they simply become a host on the website and follow the steps to get their listing approved. I have not actually gone through these steps myself, as I am just a renter.

The website provides an opportunity for hosts to make some money by renting out extra space that would otherwise just remain empty. It is also a great way for people who travel often to rent out their own space while on the road to help supplement their income.

How Airbnb works for somebody who wants to rent, they also have to verify themselves. Unfortunately, this involves going through a process of sending a photo of your identification including a passport photo. This is can become an issue with people wanting to register with Airbnb, and I tried to email them about this issue, but there is no way around it. They reassure you that the information is to verify you and that it is kept confidential.

After this verification process, you are free to book your accommodation. The positive that comes from this verification is that Airbnb has created a community of like-minded travelers. You can rest assured knowing that booking your accommodation on the website is safe and that everyone else had to verify themselves in the same way.

Why Airbnb is Great

Airbnb is a great way to meet new people, explore a new area, and save time and money while doing so. You can be rest assured that the website is safe and secure considering everyone had to go through a verification process. You can also be rest assured that you are able to find the best place that suits your needs.

With the many different filters, you can search for accommodation that suits your needs and budget. With hundreds and sometimes thousands of places in each city, you know that there is an Airbnb for you. It is simple to search the map to find a location that you want. You can then click on the place to view it, the description, the host, the reviews, and so much more.

The website is extremely easy to use and clean for an incredible user experience. Ultimately, Airbnb is now where we book our trips.

Tips When Booking Your Accommodation on Airbnb

When booking your accommodation through Airbnb, you should consider the same things as you would with any other platform.

  1. Consider the Location, Date, and Guests
  2. Obviously you will want to rent in a good location. If you are planning to rent a car for your next trip, you will have a wider access to where you can book your accommodation. If you are relying on public transportation, you will want to book your accommodation closer to public transit routes to avoid long walks or using taxis to where you need to go.
    You also do not want to book a place in a bad area of the city. Understand where these areas are and where the areas are that you will want to be near.
    When planning our previous trip, we relied on public transportation and chose accommodation near the train stations where we would leave and arrive in different cities. Coincidentally, these train stations were located to the attractions that we wanted to visit during our trips so it worked out perfectly for us.
    You also need to enter a check in and out date, as well as how many guests will be with you during your stay. When you have all of this information ready, you can search.

  3. Use the Filters
  4. What type of accommodation do you want? You can book an entire house or apartment. Alternatively, on a budget you can choose to book a private room in someone’s place. There is a wide variety on Airbnb and you can filter through these by setting them in your search filter. You can also filter through price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, beds, amenities, and house rules. Use these to look for the specific accommodation that suites your needs without sifting through hundreds of places.

  5. Look at the Price
  6. There is a base price for each Airbnb that is shown. However, in addition to this base price are service fees, cleaning fees, and sometimes additional guest fees. Make sure you recognize these fees when you click on the place you want to rent and compare it to other places in the same area. Sometimes these fees can be significant, while other times they are minimal. Always use Airbnb to pay your host. Never pay your host any other way. Airbnb is safe and secure.

  7. Confirm What the Accommodation Offers
  8. Though you may have used search filters, make sure to confirm what the accommodation offers in the description. See any other amenities that the Airbnb offers you.

  9. View the House Rules
  10. Also in the description are the house rules that the host wants you to abide by. These can include keeping the place clean and when you need to avoid making a lot of noise. Be respectful of your host’s rules or do not book with them.

  11. Check the Check In and Out Time
  12. Look at the check in and out times to see when the host is available to check you in and out of their place. These times can differ greatly from place to place, so just make sure these times fit into your travel schedule.

  13. Look at the Host’s Response Time and Rate
  14. The host’s response time and rate are located near the bottom with a photo of the host. Take a glance at these numbers. They will show you how accessible your host is. If they have a 100% response rate, this means they respond to all of their messages. If they respond within an hour, you will know that they are extremely accessible. This can be useful during your trip if something ever goes wrong or you are having difficulty finding the place.

  15. Read the Reviews
  16. This is important. Do not forget to read the reviews. Specifically read the poor reviews. This will let you know what people did not like about the place. Maybe it was the room or the host. It will provide you with what is wrong with the Airbnb and if the host is trying to resolve it. If you can live with these problems, which sometimes can be small annoyances, then you should be ready to book. If not, find a new place.
    If a place is new or it does not have any reviews, then book at your own discretion. Alternatively, send a message to the host to get an idea of who they are and what kind of place they offer.

  17. Send a Message to the Host
  18. Send a message to the host to understand them better or ask a question about their Airbnb. They will also like to get to know you, so feel free to tell them about your travel plans and ask them questions about the area. You can also let them know what time you will be checking in and out of their place. You can also leave this until you are ready to book with them.

  19. Book Your Accommodation
  20. Go ahead and book! Some Airbnbs allow you to book immediately, while others have a request to book button where the host then approves your booking for the dates you have requested. You also have the option to add guest names and emails so everyone in your party can receive the itinerary.

The Future of Airbnb

Just recently, Airbnb released an experiences option where you can also book different experiences within the city you are staying at. These include tours, lessons, or anything you would want to do within a particular area. This seems like a great logical step for Airbnb to continue their journey to creating a wonderful platform for travelers to book their next trip.

Our experience booking with Airbnb has been efficient, convenient, and, most of all, money saving. We have used it to book places in Honolulu, Cape Town, Durban, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Casablanca, and many more cities. In each of these, we had searched multiple platforms only to find that Airbnb offers the widest range of choices for every budget and the best deals.

Use this knowledge to your advantage when booking your next trip. Whether you want to stay in a luxurious place or in a budget-friendly room, Airbnb has the accommodation for you. This is how Airbnb works and why Airbnb is great.


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