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One Week in Morocco Itinerary

One Week in Morocco Itinerary

Morocco really surprised us. We did not have too many expectations for our week long visit through the country from Casablanca to Tangier before crossing over on ferry to Spain. At this point, when we visited in 2017, we had not seen many photos of the country circulating on Instagram. Now it seems like you cannot swipe through your feed without seeing the beautiful blue-walled streets of Chefchaouen or the various shops from Marrakesh showing up.

The only exposure I had to Morocco was through a Canadian TV show called Departures where the two stars and camera man travel from Spain by ferry to Morocco in the season two premiere. It was this episode that made Morocco stick in my mind as a destination that I wanted to visit whenever I got the chance.

This was my chance. The month long trip had us traveling through South Africa, flying up to Morocco, crossing over to Spain, flying to Portugal, and then back home to Canada where we would later settle in. The most effective and efficient way to see four countries that we both had not traveled to on our way from South Korea to Canada.

Morocco is a beautiful country to visit. We wish we could have stayed longer than one week. We flew into Casablanca and stayed one night before moving to Rabat for one night, Fes for two nights, Chefchaouen for two nights, and Tangier for one night.

If we could have stayed longer, we would have thrown in Marrakesh for two nights after arriving in Casablanca and also adding a trip to the desert overnight somewhere in our itinerary. Those are the two things we felt we really missed while staying in Morocco for one week.

One Week Morocco Itinerary


  1. Day One

    • Casablanca
  2. Day Two and Three

    • Rabat
  3. Day Four

    • Fes
  4. Day Five and Six

    • Chefchaouen
  5. Day Seven

    • Tangier

    Cities in Morocco to Visit

    Cities We Visited in Morocco

    • Casablanca

    • Casablanca was a fine enough place to stay for one night. Made famous by the movie of the same name, it seems like a no-brainer to spend some time here. However, before leaving for Morocco we were told otherwise. We used it as a place to stay right after getting of the airplane.

      Still, there are some great things to see in this city and it was a great introduction to what we were to expect in the coming week while traveling Morocco.

      Casablanca Attractions:

      • Mohammed V Square and Place des Nations-Unies
      • Casablanca Cathedral
      • Hassan II Mosque
      • Royal Palace
      • Parc Sindibad
      • Plage Aïn Diab
      • Medina

    • Rabat

    • Rabat was the next city we visited and it was the first place that really blew us away with what we could do. It is also less talked about for Moroccan cities to visit. We would definitely recommend anyone to see this city and the blue-washed walls of the Kasbah or just walking through the Rue des Consuls to get a sense of everyday Moroccan Medina life.

      Rabat Attractions:

      • Chellah
      • Kasbah of the Udayas
      • Medina – Rue des Consuls
      • Hassan Tower and Mausoleum of Mohammed V
      • Dar al-Makhzen
      • Zoo de Rabat

    • Fes

    • When we were in Fes, we never left a small area of about five square miles. There is just so much to see within the Medina that you could get lost in there for days or maybe even weeks and still find things to do. It is an incredible place of shops, restaurants, craftsmen, the tanneries, and so much more for you to discover.

      While we were here, we decided to hire a guide that knew the Medina in order to make the most out of our time there. It was a good thing we did as we would not have seen everything we wanted to in that short of a time frame. Especially considering the amount of people that asked our tour guide for directions.

      Fes Attractions:

      • Medina
      • Bab Bou Jeloud (Blue Gate)
      • Bou Inania Madrasa
      • Zaouia de Moulay Idriss
      • Borj Nord
      • Tannery

    • Chefchaouen

    • This was the city that took our breath away at every turn. The blue-washed walls of the Medina are a wonderful sight. While we were here, we made a local friend who showed us around his city as we visited the top of the hill at the mosque that views the whole city at night, we got a Moroccan haircut, and we visited his favorite restaurants.

      Needless to say that this city left a lasting impression on us.

      Chefchaouen Attractions:

      • Medina
      • Place Outa El Hamam
      • Ras El Ma
      • Bab El Sor
      • Mosquée Bouzâafar
      • Explore the Rif Mountains
    • Tangier
    • Unfortunately we did not get to accomplish much in this city. Our week in Morocco was very busy and hectic as we hoped from city to city. At this point in our trip, we just wandered through the Medina which very much reminded us of Casablanca. The good thing about this city is that the ferry takes you right to Spain which was next on our journey.


    What We Missed

    • Marrakesh

    • Marrakesh is known for its Medina and large public square. It would have been a great place to visit to really immerse ourselves in the Moroccan city culture. It looks like a must-see city that we wish we could have added to our itinerary, but it just did not fit on our path. Should we have had a few more days, we would have added this city in right after landing in Casablanca.

    • Desert Stay

    • I see a lot of desert photos on Instagram from Morocco. Beautiful desert treks on the back of a camel. Lovely camping scenes with an incredible night sky above. This would have been something we would have been all over. Unfortunately time did not permit us to do this. Add an extra couple of days to our trip and we would have squeezed this in no problem.

    How to Get Around Morocco

    • Taxis

    • Taxis are an affordable way to travel within a city. Some places like Chefchaouen and Fes you wont even need one, especially if you are staying in the Medina. The only time we used a taxi was in Casablanca to help us see as much of the city as possible in a short period of time and getting from the train to our AirBnB.

    • Trains

    • The best and most cost effective way getting from city to city. We had no bad experience with any trains. They were comfortable and tickets were always available when we arrived. Also, we love to travel by train.

    • Bus

    • The only time we took a bus was from Fes to Chefchaouen and Chefchaouen to Tangier as no train goes through the city. It was inexpensive, but not as comfortable as traveling by train. If you can, always opt for the train while traveling through Morocco.

    Where to Stay in Morocco


    • Where We Stayed

    • We stayed at various AirBnBs and Riads (a hotel with a public garden) throughout our stay in Morocco. We had no complaints about any of the places that we visited. However we do wish that we could have booked a really nice Riad to stay at. The way we travel though, we do not have a lot of time to really enjoy the place that we are staying at. We are up in the morning and back at night exhausted. Maybe one day when we slow things down we will start to book more lavish places.

      What to Eat and Drink in Morocco

      Tajine is the main dish you need to try. It is a blend of vegetables and a meat like fish or chicken cooked in a clay tower-like pot with all the spices and sauces to meld together in such a beautiful way. Do not miss this dish wherever you visit in Morocco.

      Tajine in Casablanca, Morocco

      Mint tea is the drink of choice throughout the country. The blend is fairly simple. Throw a bunch of mint tea leaves into a glass, pour steaming hot water on top, and add sugar to your hearts desire. You will always be invited for some wherever you go in Morocco.

      Our Time in Morocco

      Like we had said earlier, Morocco really blew us away. The people we met, the places we saw, and the things we did all made such an impression on us. We loved this country and would recommend anyone to visit this place in a heartbeat.

      We have been asked: is Morocco safe for tourists? Absolutely it is. The country is stable and the people are extremely welcoming. Moroccan hospitality is excellent and you will always be invited for a mint tea anywhere you go.

      If culture is what you are looking for, then you need to wander through the Medina of Fes for days on end. If you want some sort of an outdoor adventure, try trekking through the Rif Mountains or exploring the desert on the back of a camel. Looking for the most Instagrammable places? Then the blue-washed walls of Chefchaouen has your fix.

      So, we have but one more question to ask you. When are you traveling to Morocco?



      We would love to hear about your experience while in Morocco or to answer any questions you may have about your future trip. Leave a comment below!