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Relationship Building Activities Based Around Travel

Relationship Building Activities Based Around Travel

Being in a relationship is hard work. There is no doubt about it. With so much going on in each of your lives, it can be increasingly difficult to make time for one another. And time is what you need to provide to one another because a relationship is always about building it and investing into one another.

If you do not invest time into your relationship, then it deteriorates. This happens to a lot of relationships over time. Nor is it something that either person wants to happen. It is not something that happens abruptly. It is something that slowly happens until you feel your relationship has become broken.

As much as we may enjoy coming home from our work and just laying down for the remainder of the night or relaxing and staying in on a weekend, this can quickly become routine. Also, these are activities that are not relationship building.

As a couple you should be investing your time into your relationship. Work already can take a lot of your time, so it is important to make the rest of your hours in the day on activities that build your relationship. What we have prepared in this post is a list of activities that will build your relationship, trust building exercises for couples, and things you can invest your time on in a relationship based around travel to make sure that your relationship only continues upwards.

Relationship Building Activities Based Around Travel

Relationship Building Activities

We believe their is no better way to build a relationship than to travel. No, travel does not need to be all about booking a flight, hotel, and planning a multi-day itinerary. It can be as simple as hoping in the car and driving to the nearest town or even walking around your city.

On the Travel Couple Podcast we have interviewed more than fifty couples who agree that travel can really help to build a relationship. For so many of these couples, travel is more about exploring their own country, state, province, or city, and when they can they hop on a plane to visit another country.

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Now that we have established that travel is not just about taking a vacation, but it can be a simple day or half day excursion, we can really talk about the different activities you can do with your significant other to help build your relationship.

With this list, we progress from the simple things that you can do with your significant other that will take a short amount of time and will not take you too far from your home to the things that are a little more complex that will take more time and take you further away from your home.

  • Have a meal at a new restaurant.

  • This can be done anywhere at anytime. It does not require a significant amount of research. It also gets you out of the house and into a new environment which breaks you from your typical routine.

    This is a great choice due to its simplicity and not requiring a significant amount of resources. It is also great because you will make a new memory together that breaks what you are used to, you can enjoy some time away together, and you may even find a new great place for a meal.

  • Learn a new hobby that makes you travel.

  • If you do not enjoy traveling, then perhaps you need a hobby that forces you to travel outside of your city. Things like snowboarding and skiing, fishing, or photography are great hobbies to learn together that will force you to get outside of your house and into a new place.

  • Visit an attraction you have never been to together.

  • This can be done in your city or the nearest city with something you have never done before. Every city has something that you can visit. Something that makes it special. That is an attraction that you can visit for an hour or two, half a day, or even making a weekend around it.

    • Beach
    • Plan a day at the beach where you can enjoy a picnic, beach games, or just enjoy the sun and the waves together. This will test your planning skills together and also provide a nice day or half day away from home where you can just enjoy each other’s company.

    • Museum
    • If you want to go for a walk and learn something new or perhaps there is a new exhibit that you want to see, then you need to plan a date to the museum. This could mean a trip to a major city or supporting a local museum, but it gets you two experiencing something new together.

    • Wine / Beer tasting
    • If you enjoy either of these tasty beverages, then organizing a weekend in wine country or visiting a local brewery is a great way to spend some time together. Especially with all of the craft breweries that have opened up in almost every city, you are sure to find one within driving distance that you can try out.

    • Tours
    • There are tours available that can show you something new in a city near you. From biking, walking, Segway, and boat tours, there are so many options for you to choose from to get out of the house and explore. Not only that, but you can even find tours available for you in a city near you.

    • Shopping Mall
    • Visiting a new shopping mall is always a nice way to spend some time together while getting some foot exercise in while you are at it. You never know what nice new shops you may stumble upon or even interesting things inside the mall you were not expecting.

  • Outdoor activities.

  • Nothing can test your relationship more than a trip to the outdoors. This can be something that really tests you to plan together and to really try something that will help to build your relationship and trust in one another. As well as get some fresh air and exercise into your lungs together.

    • Camping
    • Preparing your camping trip requires a lot of planning from packing the essentials to preparing what you are going to eat. Then you are going to need to find a campsite. However, this can be a great way to get out of the house on a weekend excursion to get some fresh air and really work on being together and building your relationship in peace.

    • Glamping
    • If you are not big into outdoor activities, but are craving an outdoor experience together then perhaps glamping is for you. Glamping is simply glamorous camping which means that you rent out a tent that generally has all the essentials that is needed much like a trailer or cottage would have. This really takes away from some of the preparing that would be needed if you were to go camping, but does not take away from the outdoors experience.

    • Rent a cottage or trailer
    • You can take it one step further and rent out a cottage or trailer for the ultimate comfort experience while in the outdoors. This is the best way to get away and into the outdoors without having to sacrifice any of the luxuries you enjoy at home.

    • Hiking
    • Hiking is always a great activity to build your relationship. Just the two of you and the trail. Just make sure that you prepare properly with water and snacks for along the way to avoid anyone getting HANGRY. Hiking is the best to enjoy together as a couple and to really connect with one another.

    • Fishing
    • This is one outdoor activity that requires a little bit of equipment to be able to do together and a small amount of knowledge. However, do not let this deter you from enjoying it together when you are out camping. It is a peaceful way to pass some time together in the outdoors.

    • Canoeing, Kayaking, or Boating
    • This one also takes some equipment that may not be available to you, though it is likely available to be rented if you are at a lake. It is a great activity to test how well you work together and to build your trust in one another.

    • Biking
    • Whether you bike from your home or you rent a bike wherever you go, it is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors or to see a lot more in a small amount of time while easily being able to get on and off to do whatever you want. Not only that, but it is also amazing exercise.

  • Plan a weekend away at a Bed and Breakfast.

  • Bed and Breakfasts can be charming and a wonderful activity to explore a new area while enjoying the comforts of home in someone else’s. This can be a weekend getaway to a nearby town or even a little bit further away to enjoy some place you both have never experienced before. You can even combine many other activities from the list above into this weekend getaway.

  • Plan a week vacation to somewhere new.

  • Now we are getting into an activity that requires much more planning and preparation. A vacation is the best way to get away from the routine you have fallen into back at home. Getting that week vacation from work and planning to make the most of it is a wonderful way to enjoy each other’s company, build your relationship, and see somewhere else in the world that is further away than other activities on this list.

    Go somewhere that you are going to really escape from the pressures back at home and to really be with one another. There is a lot in our lives that can really stress us out and pull us away from each other rather than build on our relationship.

    That is why really taking advantage of those precious vacations to get away and build your relationship together is really important to every couple.

  • Travel the world together.

  • The last one on the list. The relationship building activity that requires the most preparation, planning, and time. However, this one is the best way to really test and build a relationship. With more than 50 couples interviewed on the Travel Couple Podcast, in almost every single interview we have heard the same thing about how travel effects a relationship. They say, travel is the best way to help build a relationship and to get to know one another.

    It really helps you build trust in one another and to understand each other even deeper. Experiencing the world together, making memories, and doing new things that are out of the ordinary are all things that come from traveling the world with your significant other.

    This requires a lot of things to fall in line or for the two of you to force them to fall in line. Whether you are finishing school and wanting to take some time before you start your careers, you want to start a business or job that allows you to travel while earning money, or you are ready to quit your jobs to start to travel, there are a lot of things that go in to traveling the world together.

    There are so many more things that you will learn from each other on the road than you would back at home. You will learn the good, the bad, and the ugly. From the things that make your significant other upset, interests, how long you can stay 24/7 with one another, and ways to communicate better, travel can teach you so much.

    Do not miss out on the opportunity when it arises to travel with your significant other. You will learn so much about each other.

Relationship Building Activities Based Around Travel List


We hope that these list of travel based relationship building activities will help you to plan short excursions together that will break your routine or help provide ideas for your next weekend trip. Regardless, we think that travel is such an incredible way to test your relationship and work to build it.

As we said before, building a relationship is about investing time in it. Once you have been in a relationship for a while it can become difficult to break the routine that the two of you get into. It is important to do that and to put effort into finding new things that you can challenge yourselves to do together.

These are all things that we have worked to include in our relationship and continue to invest in one another. We truly feel that travel is one of the best ways to build your relationship. You do not even need to hop on a plane and take time off work to be able to include these travel activities in your relationship. They can be done on the weekend or even quickly after a day at work.


Do you have any other relationship building activities based around travel that you would want to share with us? We would love to hear them in the comment section below.