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Setting Travel Couple Goals

Setting Travel Couple Goals

Setting and working towards accomplishing goals as an individual, but also as a couple is extremely important to the improvement of you as a person and the relationship as a whole. If you can set goals to personally achieve both professional and individual milestones, you are more likely to accomplish these milestones and be more willing to continue this trend of self-improvement in the future.

The same thing can be said about setting couple goals in your relationship to achieve in order to keep your relationship flourishing. There is no doubt that relationships take work. They are not easy. Both sides need to be willing to work on themselves as an individual and work to make time for the improvement of their relationship as well.

We feel that you can include in your goals, travel couple goals. If you are reading our blog regularly then you would know that we are a travel couple that are working towards creating a travel lifestyle where we can work anywhere we want in order to travel new places. In order to work on this goal, we set micro-goals as a couple to work to achieve this milestone. This is just one of the professional goals that we set, but we also work to establish the same type of goals as a couple in a relationship.

All of these goals that we set and keep track of hold us accountable as a couple in a relationship and an individual to make sure that we are working towards something in our lives, that we are working to being the best person that we can be, and that we are both happy in our relationship. In order to accomplish the goals that you want as a couple or an individual, use affirmations to think more positively on the actions that you need to take in order to get to where you want to be. This positive thinking will bring positivity into your life.

Setting Travel Couple Goals

What Are Travel Couple Goals

Travel couple goals are goals that we set together as a couple so that we both know what we are working towards at any given time. Setting goals is about more than just thinking about it. We have found in the past that we think about our dreams, but when you have such a major milestone to achieve, then it seems like such a difficult thing to get to.

When you dream of a milestone goal without putting it on paper, it just stays in your head floating around. When you put it on paper, it becomes much more real. Something that you have put in stone that you want to accomplish and will begin working towards.

However, there is so much more to thinking of a milestone goal than just putting it on paper. If you have a goal that you want to achieve that takes a significant amount of time to get to, you will likely get discouraged by not achieving it over time. This often times leads to inaction on your part when you are not seeing progress.

There are two parts to this. One is setting micro goals within your milestone or macro goal. The other is setting realistic and achievable goals in order to avoid becoming discouraged in your process to achieving your macro goal.

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Setting Micro and Macro Travel Couple Goals

We talked about thinking of a macro goal that you want to achieve as a travel couple. Perhaps you already have this in mind or maybe you have not discussed this as a couple before. Now would be the time to sit down together and talk about what your goals are together as a couple to accomplish in terms of travel.

For example, our macro goal is to create a travel lifestyle where we can work from anywhere so that we can live and travel anywhere in the world and still have an income.

This is a macro goal because this is a goal that will take years of hard work and determination to accomplish. There are also things that we need to define within this goal to determine whether or not we have achieved this. One thing we need to determine in our goal is how much income needs to be generated on an ongoing basis in order to qualify us to be able to live anywhere. Once we have determined this, then we know exactly what we are aiming for.

However, your macro goal can be different than this. You can even have multiple macro goals. We have a macro goal in our relationship as a travel couple that we will visit a minimum of one NEW country every year. You can decide that your macro goal is to visit thirty countries before you turn thirty or to visit every country.

Whatever your macro goal is, you now need to work to break this goal into micro goals that range from simple to more complex and also range from the time it will take you to accomplish this goal.

The reasoning behind this is that if you have these micro goals written down and are able to accomplish them on a consistent basis and checking them off as you go, you are more likely to remain motivated in your pursuit towards your macro goal. Keeping on track is the most important part of accomplishing that macro goal, so you want to make sure that you are remaining dedicated towards that. Having a partner in your relationship is perfect for accomplishing your goals. They can work to keep you accountable and remaining focused on your goal together.

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Breaking Up a Macro Travel Couple Goal

This is how we broke up our macro goal:

We began with our goal of wanting to create a travel lifestyle that allows us to live anywhere and generate an income.

We took that goal and decided how we were going to do this. In the past I taught English in South Korea that allowed me some time to travel neighboring countries and to travel a country I had never been to before. This was great and the closest I have ever been to my goal, but it did not provide us the freedom to travel at any point in time or to live anywhere. It did generate income and allowed me to live somewhere else in the world I had never been before.

Therefore, to be able to live anywhere and generate income I need to be able to start a business or get a job that allows me to work from anywhere. Since moving back to Canada, I started my own business. I have never wanted to look back to working for someone else. Unfortunately my current business is location-based which means I cannot live anywhere, but I have to live here in Canada.

This makes my micro goal being based on starting an online business that can be managed from anywhere in the world. My next decision is what kind of online business and revenue stream I want to be bringing in to be able to generate an income while living anywhere.

I decided that I wanted to apply my creativity and wanting to improve different aspects of myself to creating an online business. This is why we began several different blogs on different niche subjects, as well as podcasts based around these subjects. These were the businesses that I wanted to create something around. Deciding upon revenue streams from these websites meant doing a little bit of research about different ways that these can be monetized.

A lot of people monetize their websites, blogs, and podcasts, through affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsors, and selling their own products. These are the revenue streams that we wanted to explore as part of our micro goals. With each of these revenue streams, we created more micro goals to be able to achieve each of these revenue streams ranging from implementing them, earning our first sale, and so on.

Other micro goals involved in achieving our macro goal include writing blog posts, recording and publishing podcast episodes, creating social media content, hiring a virtual assistant to take some of the work load off of our hands, researching and implementing more tools, and so on.

As you can see, there are numerous micro goals that can fit into your macro goal and your micro goals can be ever-changing whereas your macro goal remains the same.

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Take the time to think of your own travel couple goals to set. Begin with your macro goal and break it down into step-by-step micro goals. Putting this down onto paper solidifies that this is something that you want to accomplish in your life. It becomes something that is set in stone and really begins to materialize what you want to accomplish. It also helps you keep yourself and your partner accountable towards achieving this goal.

Setting travel couple goals is the best for your life and relationship together. You have the best opportunity to work with each other to accomplish what the two of you want to achieve in life. Divide and conquer or work together to achieve what you may not be able to achieve separately.

Comment below with what your travel couple goals are, we would love to hear from you!