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A Thank You Letter to Anthony Bourdain


“If I’m an advocate for anything, it’s to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food.”

Anthony Bourdain

A Thank You Letter to Anthony Bourdain

Move. As far as you can.

There are too many quotable lines by Anthony Bourdain. But this one stuck out the most to me. It was words like these that helped me make the leap four years ago to move half the way around the world to teach English in South Korea and open my eyes to a whole new way of life.

I thought myself as an Anthony Bourdain. Not as a chef (I am a horrible cook), but possibly as a journalist. Or an adventurous eater. Or just as somebody who loved to travel and document the journey. Probably the last one.

So I went online, found a job within months of getting my degree, went to the store to buy my first quality camera, hopped on a plane, and departed for my first long-term adventure.

As much as you can.

I am not yet there, but hope to one day get to a point in my life that allows me to do just that. That is where my urge to start a life as a digital nomad comes into play. Create a way of living for myself that allows me to live anywhere in the world. To move as far as I can. As much as I can.

Across the ocean, or simply across the river.

Truth be told, my life has never been the same since I moved to South Korea for those three years. I met the love of my life and traveled to nine different countries with her so far that we have documented here on To the Nations Worldwide.

However, it does not take such a long distance move to change yourself. To get away from a toxic environment or to simply find another way of living.

You do not have to hop on a plane to travel. There is a whole other world in your backyard. After interviewing countless couples who strive to live a travel lifestyle on the Travel Couple Podcast, one thing has become clear to those who make travel a priority in their lives. They make the most out of the time and money they have. They find a new place each weekend in their home town or in a neighboring area and try it out.

Travel does not have to be across oceans, it can simply be across the river.

Walk in someone else’s shoes.

These words struck me. Especially with the thoughts on mental illness and how many people are affected by this. Do not judge anybody. Show some empathy and understand that they are not like you. They have experienced different things and have different thoughts.

Empathy is the biggest thing you need to understand. Walk in someone else’s shoes to understand more about them and who they are. You will never completely understand, but you will have a much better grasp.

If you are struggling with negative thoughts or even suicide, do not hesitate to reach out. Pick up the phone and call your friend or family member. Reach out to anyone, even us. Life is precious.

At least eat their food.

Travel has so much to do with food. Food is the window into the culture of the people that prepared it.

It is a reflection of what was available to them to create, their inspiration, their passion, and their life. Everything from the ingredients, the preparation, and the consumption shows us what they are all about.

Anthony Bourdain knew this best and made a living around it. He met with people over meals and talked food. But not just about food, but about everything around the food.

It provided a gateway towards discussion about politics, culture, and so much more.

I had always wanted to sit down for a meal with Anthony Bourdain. To talk to him about travel, food, and life. And it seemed like I had done just that. On his show he held nothing back. He was simply him.

Which is why I wrote this letter. He was one of my major inspirations in beginning this travel blog, so it just felt right to write a thank you letter to him.

Thank you Anthony Bourdain. For everything you gave this world.

I am sorry to his family and friends in this difficult time.


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Happy travels!

To the Nations Worldwide
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