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Where to Stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Staying in the right area in any city is extremely important. Not just for proximity to the best places to visit, but also for safety. Finding where to stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco is no different.

You do not want to have booked a place just to find that you are an expensive taxi ride away from the major attractions that you want to visit. Nor do you want to find that you are in the most dangerous area of the city and need to get to your place late at night.

When finding the place you want to stay in any city is to map out the places you want to visit during your stay. This will give you the opportunity to see the best area that you will want to stay at night considering the proximity to the places you want to visit.

Getting that balance of of proximity and the finding the right place that suits your needs can be difficult. Especially with so many things to do in Chefchaouen. However, when asked where to stay in any Moroccan city, I quickly respond with in the Medina.

You absolutely want to stay in the Medina in any Moroccan city. This is where all the action happens. This is where you can really experience the lives of the locals. From the local shop owner to the craftsmen, it is all in the Medina.

Chefchaouen’s Medina is no different.

Where to Stay in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Accommodation in Chefchaouen


If you do not want to read any further and are just looking for the area you want to stay while in Chefchaouen, then you want to be in the Medina. Perhaps closer to the main square of the Medina if you prefer to be around lots of people especially into the night when you are trying to find your way back to your accommodation.

However, choosing to stay in the Medina comes with needing to walk to get to it. You can only get as close as the front gates in most Medinas in Morocco. Everything else after that is on foot. Keep that in mind if you have a lot of luggage with you to haul.

In addition to that, the further you go into the Medina of Chefchaouen, the higher you go in elevation. This makes carrying your luggage up this hilly Medina even more difficult. If you do not pack light, it may be better suited for you to book accommodation closer to the main square of the Medina to avoid this.

When it comes to choosing a place to stay in Morocco, you will likely come across the term Riad on multiple occasions. At first, we did not know what this meant.

Riads are everywhere in Medinas in the country. A Riad is a place to stay with a courtyard or garden. Some are even converted palaces. They are lovely places to stay especially if you want to lounge in the shade of the gardens in a hot day. Or just waking up and opening your door and peering down into a quiet courtyard is enough to enjoy your stay in one of these places.

There are a lot of Riads to choose from in any Moroccan city. Riad Cherifa has a high guest rating with a beautiful view and a great location in the Medina.


It is not necessary to stay in a Riad in Chefchaouen. What you are looking for is a rooftop. Why you might ask? Because just look at these photos of this beautiful blue place…

You want a rooftop high enough that you can peer over the surrounding rooftops to see the vast blue city. Even to catch a sunrise and sunset of the city at the top of your place is worth paying a little bit extra.

As you get further into the Medina, the higher you get. So the further you get from the main gate of the Medina, the better chances you have of having a better view of the entire Medina as long as your rooftop is higher than the surrounding rooftops.

But if you cannot find a place like this, there are several restaurants in the main square of the Medina that have high rooftops that you can grab a table at sunset to view from.

As far as safety goes and staying in the right area, the Medina is actually a really safe place and fairly small compared to other city’s Medinas in Morocco. There was really no area that we felt unsafe at any point even at night.

That being said, if you prefer to be around people especially at night when you are trying to find your way back to your accommodation, perhaps you would be better off finding a place to stay closer to the main square and entrance of the Medina. Late into the night there are always people here and there are a lot of vendors still open in this main square.

In this case, the Résidence Hoteliére Chez Aziz is likely the place you want to stay. Just a short walk from the main square and the highest rated hotel as rated by guests.



We were happy staying at a small guesthouse during our stay in Chefchaouen. The view was not the best, but we were able to get good seats at a rooftop restaurant in the main square at night to view the sunset and enjoy a meal together.

Wherever you stay in Chefchaouen, as long as you choose to stay in the Medina, you will not be disappointed.



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